People often ask us if alpacas have twins, or more! ... If you are like me, the answer is "Ye-e-ss, but very, very rarely!!"  Well then, perhaps the phenomenon is becoming less rare.  Recently on Facebook, I have seen two pairs of twins announced (true, that was in two different countries, but still ...) and in 2015 I visited a friend, Jay Holland, who showed me two little suris twins that were born on his farm.  He is wondering ..."Is this the shape of things to come?"

Jay Holland is a BAS judge (he judged the alpacas in the AFLA Show at Bletterans in 2012), gives conferences across Europe and, with his wife Hillary, runs the alpaca stud Pure Alpacas (huacayas and suris) in Gloucestershire, England.  Here, he shares his experience quite exceptionelle of the arrival of twins ...(two pairs!)

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